More Detailed Information about the Background of the Program

For new families, here is a short summary of some of the benefits of our program that is customized to the needs and preferences of bilingual families

The practice sessions have a double-objective:

  • maintain and ingrain the language on a native speaker level
  • build up and improve age-appropriate soccer skills

Students who practice one of their native languages at least once a week during an activity that they are passionate about have an easier time at school, doing homework and communicating with other family members and friends in the language.

Therefore, practice takes place during the whole school year, including during the winter months.

Easier organization for parents

  • practice is after the Saturday School to minimize driving and to maximize the Saturday immersion experience
  • a free shuttle bus from the Saturday School to practice is provided

real league games (against other Saturday School teams) but not every week

  • always in the same place
  • at the same time (Saturday at 4:30pm)
  • all age groups play on the same place on different fields
  • 3 games in the Fall and 3 games in the Spring, plus 1 finals day in the Spring (= a total of 7 game days per school year)

Please see all dates and practice times on the calendar page.

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